Alec DeMarco spent his childhood growing up in the country, with no exposure to any form of art but the graffiti on the train cars that would pass by on their way to the refineries and mills. DeMarco has continued to be inspired by the fast-paced expressionistic lines and bold primary colors normally used for graffiti, and has continued to retained their stylistic tendencies in his own work.

DeMarco’s work balances between representation and abstraction, he prefers to work at a fast pace, which could be compared to automatism. Alec uses all materials at his disposal with no hierarchy of quality. Oil, enamel, spray paint, and acrylic house paint are combined with traditional tools as well as an array of found objects such as gardening tools, bricks, sticks or whatever he can find on his property in Southern California.

DeMarco's main artistic influences would be Neo-Expressionism, Abstraction, as well as the art of William de Kooning, Philip Guston, George Condo, and Picasso.



DeMarco, born 1989, was raised in a small farm town in the Pacific North West region of the United States. From the age of 11 until 18 Alec worked full time on local farms, logging for fire wood, as well as working construction. After high school Alec spent three years at a university before dropping out to attend Laguna College of Art and Design to study Fine Art and Illustration. After three years he could no longer afford to attend school, so DeMarco dropped out and was immediately accepted into a formal apprenticeship with a Japanese Irezumi Tattoo Master. During the formal training, Alec was educated in Eastern philosophy, religion, mythology, calligraphy, and much more. At the end of the apprenticeship he was given the choice to become a true Japanese tattoo master and join the oldest tattoo dynasty in history. But, if DeMarco joined, he could never leave the dynasty or pursue any other avenues of art. So, in the end he decided to leave the tattoo world forever to pursue his own career in fine art.


Since the transition to fine art Alec DeMarco’s art has exhibited in USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Japan, Germany, and Qatar.

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